Lost survey

How do I find the link I lost. I am looking for a link that used to take students to the survey. However I am unable to find it now. The link is normally supposed to take you to 3rd year survey, however it is now taking students to the 4th year survey link.


  • Matt.W.287
    Matt.W.287 Posts: 50

    I would recommend you look at the URL the browser sees when you hover your mouse over the link you have. Then go to the course where the expected 3rd Year Survey lives and do the same (Course Admin > Surveys).

    That should let you compare the URLs and see what should be in place (if it says "javascript:void(0);" then that's not helpful, but I don't expect you should see that when hovering over the link to a Survey). Depending on where you're seeing the link you're inquiring about you should be able to update it using the Brightspace Editor.

    Failing that, you can have your administrator reach out to Brightspace Admin Support at helpdesk@d2l.com. Support would be able to help you update the link.

  • Bharti.B.332

    Hello @M.H.875

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!

    May I please suggest you to open a support ticket with us including course details and survey details for us to further investigate?