Quiz with mandatory questions and Enforced time


There seems to be a logical problem when I have a quiz with mandatory questions and enforced time. If the time ends and mandatory questions are still not answered, it forces the student to answer those questions before the quiz can even be submitted. Any answers passed the enforced time is not saved. So it is a waste of time.

Shouldn't the learner be able to submit the quiz at the end of the enforced time?

Example: I cannot submit this quiz until the mandatory questions are answered.



  • Paul.P.783
    Paul.P.783 Posts: 13

    Hello nichole.g.355

    Did you set a grace period? And what behavior did you apply? I was checking out the new Quiz experience, which can be viewed here:


    Timing & Display

    After the grace period, flag the quiz attempt as exceeded time limit and,
    1) Allow the student to continue working
    2) Prevent the student from making further changes
    3) Allow the student to continue working but automatically score the attempt as zero after an extended deadline.

  • nichole.g.355
    nichole.g.355 Posts: 18 🌱

    The logical error happens after the grace period ends.

    The behavior I applied was "Prevent the student from making further changes"

    I am already using the New Quiz Experience.

    The problem seems to be that the behavior "Prevent the student from making further changes" doesn't actually prevent the student from making changes. It only prevents Brightspace from saving the answers. On top of that if there are mandatory questions the student must (MUST) answer the mandatory questions before they are allowed to submit the quiz.