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hello in the lms platform competencies tool appearing in some course only i try to active from tools i found it aleadry active can you help me to make appearing

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  • Jeffrey.M.844
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    Hello @ali.h.956

    Thank you for asking this question!

    I would check to see if whether whoever is building this course may have already imported standards/outcomes from our new Learning Outcomes tool, which overlaps and is being purposefully built to (at some point) replace the Competencies tool. The reason why this is of consideration is that you cannot use both simultaneously within the same course, and so if (Learning Outcome Tool) outcomes have been imported into the course you will not be able to leverage (Competency Tool) outcomes.

    I would recommend Comparing Competencies and Learning Outcomes to get a better sense for which tool makes the most sense to be using for your course. If you're certain you want to be using the Competencies tool in this course instead of the Learning Outcomes Tool, then you can make the Competencies link reappear by removing the aligned (Learning Outcomes) Outcomes.

    CAUTION: If this is a live course, I would strongly advise against making any changes. Changes of this nature should only be done prior to any learner activity occurring in the course.

    TIP: Once you decide if you will be using Learning Outcomes tool or Competencies tool in the course, you can turn off the tool you do not plan to use from the Tools interface (at the course level) from within Course Administration to make it clearer which of the two is intended to be in use within the course.

    If you want to explore those concepts in more depth or need further guidance to that end, I recommend your institution reach out to your D2L Account Team, namely your Customer Success Manager.

    Finally, if the above does not address your issue and you continue to have technical issues with the Competencies tool (including inability to see the tool), feel free to engage the D2L helpdesk for further troubleshooting.

    I hope that helps!



  • ali.h.956
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    yes you right once i stop leanring outcomes its a appearing anyway thank you so much. I am back to my academic department then we start by or we will choose. What is the best tools

  • Priyanka.P.262

    Hello @ali.h.956 ,

    Can you please confirm you are in the same role in all courses where competencies are available or not available?

    Secondly, please make sure not just at organization tools, within course admin >Tools >as well Competencies are turned ON.



  • ali.h.956
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    yes i am in the same role and its ON

    Any way thanks I find the answer I appreciate your response.