Embedded Videos


Greetings! I've been trying to embed videos (which I store in YuJa) into various pages throughout my course sites. Oddly, I've noticed that the control panel, typically found at the bottom of the frame, does not disappear after a few seconds. It stays visible throughout the entire video. I thought it was the case that merely hovering one's mouse over the video makes the control panel appear and then disappear shortly thereafter.

I wouldn't otherwise worry about this, but I have lower thirds on all of my videos (which get covered over by the control panel).

With thanks,



  • Dmitry.L.956

    Hello Darren,
    It looks like your University is using the D2L End User Support. Could you please submit us a support ticket with screenshots from your courses, and we will take a look.
    If the issue is browser-specific, could you please check if it can be reproduced in various browsers?