Is there a way to observe which students are currently taking a quiz?


Sorry to compare to (ugh, pffft) Blackboard, but there was a way that you could view whether students were "in" the quiz once it was opened; it updated in real time, you could see whether there were any students who didn't start the quiz; when they submitted it. Trying to find the equivalent in Brightspace… help?

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  • Priyanka.P.262
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    Hello @Lilly.B.489 ,

    To check if the user's attempt is in progress or if users have not started the quiz/attempt. Please go to Quiz> on Dropdown select Grade> Click on "Search Options" > it gives you a view where you can choose view restricted to:

    All Users, Users who have not taken an attempt, Users who have completed an attempt, Users with attempts in progress, etc. so either choosing one of the filters or all users will provide you with the list of users based on your search.

    The same goes with the second tab in the screenshot "Attempts" where you can filter results based on attempts. Apart from that under the "More actions" dropdown, you can even see the event logs based on Quiz entry, Quiz completion, etc.

    Please let me know if this helps.