Small Groups


How can I add myself (the professor) to small groups?


  • Craig.R.185

    Hi @Victoria.N.215 . If you mean to add yourself to groups in a Brightspace course created from the Groups tool, then in most cases instructor roles are automatically enrolled into every group in the course (though you won't appear in their roster) because of a specific property given to the role when D2L deploys Brightspace. This means that if you restrict anything for a specific group, you maintain access to it.

  • Victoria.N.215
    Victoria.N.215 Posts: 2 🔍

    Thank you, but I want to respond to the conversations in each group, but I am not able to do so. How can I respond to my small groups for assistance or redirection? I can see each group and their responses when I isolate each group, but that is all.

    Thank you for your assistance,