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I am using our LMS to create users via the Brightspace API, logged in as Super Admin. I can create LEARNER users (RoleID: 438) without issue, but when I try to create a PARENT-GUARDIAN user (RoleID: 443), I get a 403 Not Authorized error. I've used a number of API functions: course creation, course copy, org structure, and have not had any permission issues,

Since creating learner users is not an issue, there must be a permission setting in Brightspace I am missing, My OAuth app permissions for users users:userdata:create, delete

Route: $route = "";

JSON parameters: $payload = json_encode( array(
"OrgDefinedId" => $parent_org_id,
"FirstName" => $parent_first_name,
"MiddleName" => "",
"LastName" => $parent_last_name,
"ExternalEmail" => $parent_email,
"UserName" => $parent_username,
"RoleId" => 443,
"IsActive" => true,
"SendCreationEmail" => false,
"Pronouns" => null

Any ideas?


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  • Jacqueline.S.595
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    Hey @Paul.F.779,

    If you haven't yet I would double-check that the permission "Enroll Parent-Guardian role" is checked off at the Organization level in Roles & Permissions > filter tool by Users. Thanks.


  • Hi Paul,
    Thank you for your question. A couple of things

    1» I wondered whether you could create a PARENT-GUARDIAN via the user interface.

    2» It seems the role is not permitted to create/enroll the parent-guardian role.

  • Paul.F.779
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    edited June 2023

    Ah…I have all the user role options in the User Interface except for PARENT-GUARDIAN. Where would I change this exactly? I am assuming somewhere in Roles and Permissions.

    EDIT: I used IPSIS previously to create these users, so I never came across this before.

  • Paul.F.779
    Paul.F.779 Posts: 7 🌱

    Okay, found it in Super Admin → Filter by ALL TOOLS. Searched for Enroll. Enroll Parent-Guardian role was unchecked.

    I am sure this will fix the issue. Thanks!