Does Brightspace support TLS 1.3 and higher versions?

Anuja.k.619 Posts: 15 🌱

We have upgraded our code to TLS 1.2. Now question is, what if Brightspace changes to TLS 1.3?

How should we proactively make sure in our code, these upgrades get handled automatically?




  • Hello Anuja,

    Brightspace doesn't have TLS 1.3 enabled at this time. Some of our partners have just started adding TLS 1.3 support and when we will enable it, it should be seamless to our clients.

    Once TLS 1.3 will be the introduced, newer versions of browsers will start using this version right away but other tools or code managed by clients, may need to go through a similar process to what was done when we disabled TLS 1.1 support.

    At this time there is no end of life date announced for TLS 1.2. so there is no urgency to schedule this work on our side.

    We will communicate in Brightspace Community any changes to TLS versions. Please bookmark the High Impact Changes Timeline to be informed of all upcoming changes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Anuja.k.619
    Anuja.k.619 Posts: 15 🌱

    Thank you Roxana for very prompt response. This is very helpful. I will get back to you if there are any further questions.

  • Anuja.k.619
    Anuja.k.619 Posts: 15 🌱

    @Roxana.P.315 - Is it possible to know, what other clients are doing for upgrading to TLS 1.3 version?

  • Hello @Anuja.k.619

    I welcome clients' input on how they are planning to upgrade to TLS 1.3

    Our internal teams are looking into updating this article with most up to date information: .

    If I hear of any relevant news, I can add a note here.