I registered for new single-sign-on, but what's my new logon ID and password?

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I registered for new single sign-on, but what's my new logon ID and password? Lesley.HXXX where XXX are digits - but what are they? Do I use my old password?

Lesley Hamilton

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    Hi @lhamilton@aoma.edu ,

    Thank you for connecting with the Brightspace Community!

    After you've completed the SSO Registration process and verify your email, there should be an email sent out to you confirming this process. We have a Community FAQ that covers what changes occur to your account with SSO. Key things to know:

    • The SSO process would provide you with your new Login ID information
    • It will prompt you to make a new password

    With an issue like this, we would welcome you to come join us at one of our Live SSO Support sessions being hosted; or, please reach out to our inbox questions@community.d2l.com