Posting on Someone Thread



Would I be able to get some assistant on how to post/comment on someone thread.

Any assistance would help.



  • Dmitry.L.956

    Hello Alintia,
    By default, you can post comments on threads created by other users.

    1. On the navbar, click Discussions.
    2. Locate the thread you want to reply to.
    3. Do either of the following:
      • To reply to the main thread post, click Reply to Thread.
      • To reply to a particular post inside the thread, or click Reply.
    4. Enter your reply in the Brightspace Editor. To include the original post’s text in your reply, click the Add original post text link. (If this option is already enabled by your course administrator, this message will not display.)

    However, the instructor who manages the course may set restrictions on discussions (availability / locking options), e.g., the date after which the thread can no longer be commented on. This means that the reasons for the impossibility of commenting may be various, depending on the settings of the specific thread/discussion.

    It may be helpful to contact the instructor or submit a support ticket in case your school has end-user support for Brightspace-related issues.