Are there any guidelines to prevent slowdown in loading large Discussions?

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I am asking on behalf of a faculty person who has experienced slowdown loading a discussion topic. The students were embedding a Padlet iframe which was fine, but once they started replying to each others' posts she experienced slowdown. In the topic there are about 40 original posts with about 20 replies each, for a total of 800 posts. For future posts, it seems to make sense to break up the discussion into 4-5 topics, and use links instead of embeds, but she wanted to check if there were explicit best practices. Thank you!



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    Hi Mark,


    There is this article related to Discussions best practices, though in general. It does not speak of slowness specifically.


    I think you mentiond 2 good points already

    • Drafting the discussions as multiple topics within various forums rather than 1 chunky forum. This will help not only with page load times but also better organization of the tool overal. With different ideas associated to different topics.
    • Rather than embedding codes or videos, links could be set up. This will again help with load times and make the page look less chunky.


    Discussions could also be organised into specific work spaces for say groups or sections to limit the number of users if/ as needed.


    You could also play around with the 'view' (reading or grid? threaded or unthreaded? filter by 'unread' threads, show the pane or not etc)


    I hope this helps.


    Thanks and Regards


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    Thanks! I appreciate it.