Bug? Arithmetic formulas truncate after 512 characters when saved


One of our math faculty contacted us about the following problem:

They are able to create an arithmetic formula with 725 characters, and it works with the "Test" button within the question editor, but when saved the question truncates the formula down to 512 characters.

Not sure if product can respond, but I'm assuming the limitation is on the database field to 512 characters. Wishful thinking is that can be increased to 1024 characters, but if not, there is should be something in the UI that warns/prevents a formula that can be tested but not saved.

Anyone else run into this limitation?


  • Bharti.B.332
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    Hello @Jonathan.H.679 ,

    Thank you for reaching us through Brightspace Community!

    Mathematical formulas currently have a character limit of 512 characters. Which is why, when entering a formula with more characters, only the 512 characters are taken into consideration.

    There is a PIE request that is similar to your query that you can upvote for our team to review this idea.


    The request is currently in review and we highly encourage upvoting the idea to raise visibility and participate in the comments section of the idea with your inputs and suggestions.

    Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact.