Why do URLs within assignment submission show up as sticky notes when grading

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We recently noticed that when a student submits a doc/pdf to the assignment folder, any links are automatically made into sticky notes when the instructor is grading. This is strange and confusing for instructors.

We've looked through recent updates to see if there is something that might have caused this new and unexpected behaviour, but can't find anything. Does anyone know why this is happening and/or how we can "turn it off"?

Here are a couple screenshots of what we are seeing:

Thanks in advance!



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  • Mohit.B.878
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    Hello @Michelle.L.366,

    Thanks for your question.

    Please Note: The stated behavior has been logged as a defect under case: 01823213 and is currently under investigation by our Development Team.

    Once the issue has been fixed, it will come under Fix Notification.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns

    Best Regards,
    Mohit Bhargav

  • Michelle.L.366
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    Thanks, Mohit!! Appreciate your response and look forward to seeing the fix. :)