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Some feedback on the new community SSO.

Directions were a little lengthy, and started with the ASC, which I doubt is your largest user base.

Password field only allows 16 characters? Why, you want weak passwords?

No 2FA! Wow, I thought that every technology company is trying to support at least TOTP, let alone FIDO / Passkeys.

Can't change my username. This is terrible. A community where I can't identify myself as I want to isn't really my community.

Really great that you've moved to a single set of credentials for these three different customer facing sites!

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  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 486 admin
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    Hi @Jonathan.K.456

    Thank you so much for connecting with us in Community, for offering this feedback and congratulations on setting up your Single Sign On Account!

    We love your feedback on how we can make the Registration Steps easier for everyone!Inspired by you- we're changing up the order of instructions so the ASC steps come second- Such a great point, Thank You!

    Do you have other suggestions for cutting down on the instructions? Grateful to be building a better Community with your help!

    Our New Single Sign On Solution is powered by Microsoft Azure's Password Policies- a global leader in Single Sign On Solutions.

    The Password Maximum is set by that solution in particular- but we are looking at other options to increase password character maximums with our Single Sign On Development Team.

    This new Solution does require you to validate your account using an email address via a verification code delivered by Microsoft Azure.

    Logging in with the new SSO will update your user name in Community to FirstName.LastInitial+ a 3-digit number. Ex. "Sam.S123"

    Your prior posts and discussions in New Community will also reflect this change.

    Updating your own username is on our next set of future enhancements for the Community Roadmap- so very glad to know that we're aligned on the work and next steps to help support members in further personalizing their Community Experience.