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Organizing pinned courses

Christy.S.449 Posts: 2 🔍
edited June 2023 in K-12

Is there a way to colour code my pinned courses so that I can easily view and differentiate by grade? I have 17 different courses in two separate grades, plus access to other grade level courses. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if pins could be colour coded.


  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hi @Christy.S.449

    Currently, it is not possible to color-code your pinned courses in the My Courses widget.

    That said, we invite you to vote up a similar idea in our Product Idea Exchange - A similar feature, "My Courses Widget-sorting options" has been requested and is currently under review.

    The Product Idea Exchange is designed for users like you to send direct submissions
    to our Product Development organization and has the following advantages:

    • It allows you to receive direct updates on each request you submit.
    • It allows other community members to vote on ideas.
    • It allows other community members to contribute to and
      collaborate on each idea.
    • It ensures ideas that have the greatest impact on our clients and end users receive consideration for inclusion in future releases.

    We look forward to hearing from you at the Product Idea Exchange!

  • Christy.S.449
    Christy.S.449 Posts: 2 🔍

    Thanks. Just FYI it is a nightmare each time I try to distinguish my courses and go to the one I want.