What does date filter for Learner Usage restrict by?


I set date filter to April 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023 for a single course shell, hoping to get data on users who accessed that shell in April 2023. But lots of records in the data set have "last visited dates" way back in 2022 or just blank. Is the "date" filter filtering solely for students registered in the course regardless of when / if they used it? Sorry but I couldn't find any sort of detailed description of what each field in the data set means and what the filters apply to.


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    Good morning Lynda, Thank you for asking the question. The Date Range for the Learner Usage is documented as follows: 

    Date Range The date range you select includes records based on the last visited date. The report includes users whose last accessed date is null (because they have not logged in to Brightspace Learning Environment). So it sounds odd that you would find the last visited dates before the start date you supplied. Perhaps something for you to test - by default, today's date (June 2) would be entered into the end date field.

    Ref: https://documentation.brightspace.com/en/insights/data_hub/admin/ads_intro.htm#Advanced_Data_Set:_Learner_Usage

    If you still see the discrepancy, please create a support case for further investigation.

    Let me know if you still have any related questions.

    Thank you.