How to create a peer-review assignment in Brightspace?



  • Syed.H.393
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    Thank you for your question. Peer reviewed assignments does seem like a great feature.

    While it is not a current feature, we do have an existing idea on our Product Ideas Exchange page that references this request.You are highly encouraged to upvote the idea and/ or share your inputs in the Comment section to raise the idea's visibility. To do so, please login to Brightspace Community > Product Ideas Exchange and look for idea #D9673.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions as you may have.

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    This was very helpful Syed although I see the feature is in limbo! Thank you. Peer-review is a basic part of teaching both for a student and an instructor. I do hope the Brightspace teaching platform manages to add this basic feature. Thank you.