Suggestion for GitHub repository code update(Fusion 2020) ---for Paul's question

Anuja.k.619 Posts: 19 🌱
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--Add bulk org unit upload capability

-- Get users data includes deleted ones

--Add announcements

--Add Grades

--Add LTI Data




  • Paul.Janzen3087
    Paul.Janzen3087 Posts: 21
    edited November 2022

    Ask as you will receive! An LTI 1.1 collection was just posted this morning. I am working on an Announcements collection right now.


    I won't work on the Get Users one as that data would be best pulled from a Data Set.


    Add Bulk Org Units and Add Grades - I will take a closer look at those soon. I am sure that we will add them in the near future.


    Thanks for the great suggestions.