How to create an "anchor links" to a different webpage within the same course shell?


Hello —

I'm familiar with how to create anchor links using <id> tags within a single webpage (I do this to produce a table of contents for long webpages), but I'm having trouble figuring out how to modify the type of link that "Insert Quicklink" yields to help students reach a specific section of a different webpage ("File") within the same course shell.

I would like to modify this type of link to target an <id> tag within the destination webpage. (Or to achieve an equivalent outcome if using <id> tags is not the correct approach.)

<p>Complete the <a href="/d2l/common/dialogs/quickLink/quickLink.d2l?ou=958279&amp;type=content&amp;rcode=CENCOL-5523389" target="_self">reading assignment</a> before you proceed to follow along with the contents of this online lesson.</p>

Is it possible to achieve this within Brightspace?