Where do I put answers for Written Response questions.


Hi, at my college we are preparing to use Brightspace for the first time in the fall and I have a question my DE dept does not have an answer for.

I want to make sure that for my essay exams that students
can see the correct answer once I release it. But I also don't want to
them to have access to the answers until the test deadline has passed. I
KNOW how to do that for multiple choice and multi-answer tests. And I
have tested it for those quizzes and I can see the answers and they will only show up after the deadline. But for short answer or written response tests, I don't see any response,
probably because I cannot grade myself.

My question is—do I put the
correct answer under Feedback? or do I put it under Answer Key? When I
imported exams I had exported from Blackboard, the system put the
answers in answer key, but it says answer key for evaluators. I want the students to see the expected answer AFTER the test period has ended. My gut says put it in feedback, but I am
unclear where the answer is supposed to go. I guess I could put it in
both, but I don't want the students to see the feedback until after the
exam deadline has passed.

Again, this is for written response questions.