Broken Image Links and Styles in Downloaded Content

JR.D.181 Posts: 3 🔍

In the March 2022 release notes there is mention of the Print and Download feature available in the content UI.

"This release adds Print and Download options to content files and HTML content in New Learner Experience (LX), which allows learners to study their course content offline more easily. The new buttons appear at the top of the page in the full-screen content viewer and function the same as in classic Content experience.

Previously in LX, learners could download their content files as PDFs but not in their original file formats, and there were no print or download options for HTML content."

The addition of HTML download is great, but any Content File (i.e. webpage/HTML) I download using this feature downloads only the HTML itself, meaning images break and styles no longer work unless present in the HTML itself (i.e. CSS references don't work in the downloaded index.html).

Has anyone else experienced this or found solutions to have the webpage download so that it displays properly when downloaded?