HMTL editing not functioning in Safari



I'm not able to edit content pages (html, using the visual editor), on Safari. The editor won't load existing content or let me enter new content. I have the most recent version of Safari so it should be "supported", so I'm not sure if there is a setting or something that might be causing this error (or is this a known issue?)

This is imported content in the course:

This is the screen I get when I use the "Edit HTML" button:



  • Ian.P.710
    Ian.P.710 Posts: 25

    Not sure if this helps but I have just tried Safari 16.4 on my Macbook Air which is also the latest version and I have no issues editing a HTML page.

    If you have not tried it do you have a different browser such as chrome on your system and if so does that give the same error?