Faculty cannot login to Brightspace Community


We have several faculty attempting to set up Brightspace Community logins and they have been getting an error message for the past several days. The error message is Errors - The site is not enabled for registration - AN error has occurred during account creation - click here to return to registration. Others do have access. Any suggestions?


  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 184 admin

    Hi @deb_hatland ,

    We are currently enabling a Brightspace Community experience that brings multiple areas/sign-ons together! Including:

    • The D2L Brightspace Community
    • Product Idea Exchange
    • Brightspace Learning Center

    Good news - we’re ready to connect you! The new Single Sign On Experience is live and you are invited to begin using it after completing the following registration steps.

    What does this mean in terms of the error you are getting? The Legacy Brightspace Community is no loner available for registration, which is why you would be receiving that error code. The new SSO experience is for this new Brightspace Community, and we are thrilled to have you!

    Additionally, I will send further workflow documentation to you via DM/email. Thank you for your patience, and please feel welcome to ask any questions you have!

  • Deb.H.306
    Deb.H.306 Posts: 2 🔍

    Thanks. We got this taken care of a couple of days ago.