Bulk Unenroll from Sections/Groups

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I'm trying to unenroll a user from about 400 groups/sections, but unfortunately they all have the same default name (sec1 or grp1).

I created and ran a Bulk User Management file, but it only unenrolled them from a single instance of the "sec1" section and "grp1" group. Any ideas on how to get all of them? Or does it have to be done manually?



  • Priyanka.P.262

    Hello @Jason.Henslee8567

    If you use Org Unit Id in Bulk User Unenrol that should help in case of the same orgunit codes.

    Steps: go to Admin Tools> Form Elements> search for Bulk User Unenroll

    Select Org Unit Id in place of Org Unit Code.

    Next, go back to Users>Bulk User Management> and download Bulk Unenrol Template, and either with Username or Orgdefined Id( whatever you are currently using) add Org Unit Id in place of Org Unit Code

    Let me know if you have any questions.