Roles & Permissions Issues


I've been troubleshooting an issue for the past week regarding facilitators' roles and permissions settings.

I've enrolled several facilitators into a course and none of them are able to view any assignments. The instructor and I have double checked assignment settings (hidden vs. visible) and found no issues on that front.

As a Super Administrator, I can change my role to view as a facilitator, and when I do, I can see all submitted assignments. However, when I impersonate each facilitator I am unable to see any assignments.

I've adjusted the roles and permissions settings every which way and they're still not able to view them. I've even changed their role to faculty and the issue persists.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Megan.S.88
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    Hi - make sure your facilitators are enrolled in any sections that exist in the course. They will either need explicit enrollment in the sections or their role will need to have the setting enabled to access all sections within the course. As a Super Admin, your role would have access to all of the sections in the course. This option is towards the bottom of the role settings: