Link multiple grades to 1 assignment


We are developing assignments for integrated testing. This means that different educators look at the same product from different perspectives (e.g. a pedagogue and a didactician) (often at different parts of it, but the cohesion is important) and also each assess the product on the basis of their own/other criteria and provide feedback.
For Brightspace, this means that the best thing would be if the student handed in something in 1 place and then received different marks for it. Is it possible to link multiple grades to 1 assignment?



  • Omar.A.118
    Omar.A.118 Posts: 9

    This would be a new feature. It's a good idea and you may want to submit it via the "Product Idea Exchange".

    I thought I had seen this already submitted, but can't seem to find it (if I do, I'll come back with the existing PIE for you to upvote and comment on).


    Thanks for the suggestion. I have to login again over there but my username/password fails. Strange, I can use this comnination for the community but not for the Product Exchange Idea…