How do I run an intelligent agent on one specified date in the future?

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Hi, Brightspace community folks.


I'm setting up an Intelligent Agent for someone. I want it to run just once, on a day next month. If I want that to be the case, should the Intelligent Agent in my picture start and end on the same day, or should the end date be one day later?


(I know that I could technically choose 'Weekly', specify the day, and limit it by dates as well, but I'm also interested in what would be the most intuitive workflow for instructors who are trying to do the same thing).




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    Hi Olly,


    It seems the above setup would cause the IA to run twice, once on the 6th, then again on the 7th (given you cannot set the 'repeats every __ day' to 0.


    I will still check on this internally and update you further.


    Thanks and regards


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    @Olly Fayers​ - I followed up with an engineer to confirm that by setting the start and end date to the same day, you will cause the agent to run just once on that day.

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    Perfect. Thanks @Rahul Desai​  and @Jeff Geurts​ . Much appreciated.