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Can I set up and use user attributes outside of the management dashboard?

Michelle.B.359 Posts: 8 🌱

I'm wondering if I can send additional data through IPSIS based on the user attritributes bulk CSV?

I would not be using this with manager's dashboard as this may be for students or staff. Could enrollment date or similar be used elsewhere?

Any documentation I see is connected to the managers dashboard and learning groups. Can user attributes be used elsewhere?


  • Lindsay.S.331

    Hi Michelle! Great question, thank you for asking! User Attributes are most often used for Manager Dashboard, but they may also support reports for Performance+ customers (you can create dynamic, attribute-based reports using the User Attributes data set). Additionally, User Attributes may be useful when leveraging Discover (in this case, User Attributes, along with Enrollment Rules, are used to personalize course options available in Discover).