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Hello, we are just in the process of migrating from Blackboard to Brightspace and we are trying to locate/identify a report that would allow us to see all course offerings by content size (i.e. course is 1.2Gb, Course B is 900MB, etc…).

Anyone know of, or have any suggestions? I looked at the old community site and there was one post from four years ago indicating this is not possible. I wonder if this has changed?


  • Shane.S.150
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    How is the migration process going so far? It looks as though we may be migrating over as well.

    Have any pros and cons between BB and Brightspace? I am not a fan of D2L at the moment but havent dug in deep enough just yet.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Iwona.S.533
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    Hi @jrockley

    I hope the migration is going smoothly.

    Effectively, there needs to be a report to filter courses by their size. You can check Content Files Properties Log Brightspace Data Set (BDS) as a workaround. This BDS was build help administrators understand what files are associated to content objects within courses. 

    Each row in the data set represents a change (created, edited, or deleted) to a file linked to a content object within an org unit and provides information about the file, such as its name, extension, and size in bytes. 

    Unfortunately, files not associated with the content objects will not be included.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused,