Data Hub report showing Completed Date


is there a Data Hub report that includes the Completed Date? I have checked quite a few and cannot find a report that include the Completed Date for each user/course.


  • Matt.W.287
    Matt.W.287 Posts: 50

    Hi Elizabeth

    Course completion is a 'flexible concept'. Even within a single system:
    • One course can be considered complete once the content has all been visited, or activities completed
    • Another can be when the Final Grade is released
    • And another can be when a Learning Outcome or Competency is achieved.

    What you would be looking for is a data set that includes the specific metric you use to determine completion. I usually ask "how would a human observer know this learner has completed the course?" and then seek out data sets that include those values.

    One method you can use is to set up Badges in the Awards Tool for each course you are tracking. Use the Release Conditions in that tool to award the badges when the course is considered complete. Then you can rely solely on the Awards Issued Brightspace Data Set to determine completion.

    If you were strict with your Grades Configuration across the site you could rely on the date when the Final Grade was released. This however means that the learners don't know their final grade value until the end because you need to configure it so that the Final Grade is not updated throughout, or that the Instructors must manually release the Final Grade.

    I hope this is helpful.


  • Elizabeth.G.804
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    Thank you for your response. The issue is that we have to find a work around the bug on Pulse on Android phones where the Complete flag is not set when it should be. So I need to be able to generate a report that shows who does have the Complete flag corrected and who has to be manually updated.

    Thank you