ePortfolio: Is there a way to share items to a group after they are shared with me?



I have a rather specific question. I am working with an instructor at my institution, and she posed the above question to me. After playing around with the portfolio and group sharing as well as doing a bunch of research online, I still cannot determine if this is possible or not.

For a bit more context the instructor started using ePortfolio in fall 2022 and each semester they have students upload items and share them with her. However, the other full-time faculty in her department need access to all those items as well. The original instructor created a Share Group titled ECED Faculty. After students share with the full-time faculty, those faculty need to share each item with the ECED Faculty Group. So, again, I pose the question, is this possible, and if yes, then how so?

Any thoughts, answers, or feedback would be greatly appreciated.





  • Andrea.B.236
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    Hi @HannahHurdle ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    We have documentation on the different ways you can share items in the Brightspace ePortfolio. Included is a video walkthrough, and how to share internally vs externally.

    Is this helpful? Please feel welcome to reach out to us again if you have further questions!

  • Janet.W.813
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    Hi @HannahHurdle,

    Ultimately, the shared items are managed by the original owner and cannot be shared by someone they have been shared with. They can only be shared by the original owner.

    You could create a group called ECED Faculty Group at the Admin level and instruct your students to share with that group as a possible workaround.

    Hope that helps.