Creating filtered graphs with insights portal

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This might be a very unique question, but I've got a bunch of open ended survey results, where I've asked people what they'd like to see more of. Is there a way I can sort by key words in the graph, so the X axis is the key words, so for example, a key word could diabetes and the data that gets pulled, is number of comments that contain the word 'diabetes'. I'd want all the keywords to be across the X axis and the bar representing the number of times they were mentioned.

Also, as an extra hail marry, if I could also create sub categories with some of the key words that'd be amazing. For example, Cancer, and then a stacked bar chart for bowel cancer, prostate cancer, breast caner etc.




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    Hi Steve

    My first thought is whether the WordCloud chart (under 'other') would give an alternative way of looking at this, out of the box?

    To do what you suggest, I would use a series of formulas, one for each keyword, with a formula like

    case when comment like '%diabetes% then 1 else 0 End

    you can then sum those in your dashboard to get the totals, maybe doing something with the pivot functions.

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    Ah! A word cloud might be a good idea! If I could add key words, that might be a good visual representation of the data, at this stage, every answer is so unique the way it's written, it won't auto generate a good chart.

    How do you add a formula for key words in the insights portal?

    Thanks for your help so far