Is there a way to show previous/next topic buttons on the bottom of the screen too?

Maureen.B.923 Posts: 92 🧭

A user provided feedback that, when they finish a topic, it would be nice to not have to scroll back to the top of the page to access the "next" button.

Are there any config variables or settings that would allow us to add next/previous buttons at the bottom AND top of topic pages?

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  • Natasha.B.837
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    Hi Maureen

    We have 3 different Content experiences for users (learners/students). When you create HTML content in Brightspace, the Next and Back buttons are displayed at both the top and the bottom of the topic pages in the Classic Content Experience and are fixed and always accessible at the top of the page in the New Learner Experience. In the New Content Experience, there are no Next or Back buttons - users must use the navigation tree on the left to move between topics and units.

    Classic Content Experience

    New Learner Experience

    New Content Experience