I need to create a paper quiz - Brightspace won't let me select all


My college was hit with a computer virus last week. Its looking like I'll need to have a paper quiz ready for my students on Wednesday May 3rd.

I've Googled this subject and none of the YouTube Gurus and/or various university gurus procedures work. They all appear to have worked in 2018. They all eventually say: "Click Select all" - but when I do that it copies all of the question numbers and possible answers - but no questions.

My final exam is a very long quiz and I'm not a good or fast typer. Plus I need to be grading a ton of research papers in 2 of my other classes.

There's got to be a relatively easy way to convert a Brightspace quiz to a Word document isn't there.



  • Matt.W.287
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    As I understand, there is work being done on this front but presently there isn't a way to export a quiz in the form that you could write it offline and physically submit it.

    The quickest way to extract quiz question text from Brightspace is to go to Course Admin > Quizzes and click the action menu (drop-down arrow) next to your quiz. Select Statistics from the list of options. Click on the Question Details tab and then click Export to CSV (or Excel - virtually the same values in the cells).

    With this file you can cut-and-paste the text into a Word document. That's not a huge improvement, I'll admit, but it's more managable that typing the whole thing out.

    *It's also possible to download the collection of Data Sets for Quiz and Question related data and build a report from that… but that requires significant experience using Business Intelligence platforms

    I hope that's helpful!