Why does a fillable PDF form look different in a browser versus in the downloaded file?

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I have a PDF as a fillable form that learners do to complete an activity. Learners submit this through D2L. When I download the file and open it in the browser, I can see everything that the learner entered. When I open it directly from the file I saved it to, the fields are all blank. Does anyone know what's happening? Thank you for your time.


  • Matt.W.287
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    This will need to be investigated by Support, I believe. They will need to eliminate any issues related to the software platform you are using to open the saved file.

    If Support can reproduce the issue by downloading the file submission to file and then failing to view the user's inserted data via their own browser's PDF Plugin then this could be pursued as a software defect. If it cannot be reproduced then there could be an issue with your device (browser or PDF Reader software). The key is in the specific details of the case.

    I hope that's helpful.