Watermark - EvaluationKit/CES Surveys Widget



Does anyone have the EvaluationKit/CES Surveys Widget working? This is like the only thing I can't get to work…

It's not actually trying to render anything except for the text of the javascript code from their documentation.

Curious if you had to do anything special with the javascript.





  • Anushua.P.525
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    I recently ( Spring 2023) set up WaterMark CES Surveys and Evaluation kit for the D2L Production environment. It is working as expected but our issue was that we could not limit the survey to appear for specific part-of-term courses. Once we loaded the courses the survey appeared for all courses for the term.

    There is a line on the javacode that you need to tweak. I followed the documentation provided by the vendor and posted questions on their MavenLink. I got good help from their Technical support.

    Anushua Poddar

    Kennesaw state University