Can I edit questions on LOR?

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Me and my team create a lot of questions on a course template and we them copy this template to multiple course offering.


Recently we've found out it is possible to publish those questions on LOR. But in case we need to make changes to those questions we need to go to the course template (where the questions are from) and make the necessary changes there. Is there a way of editing the questions (changing answers or adding an extra alternative) directly on LOR?


I don't get the point of publishing the questions on LOR and not being able to edit them. In case we need to update a question we have to change it on the course template and them publish on LOR again? This is way it only adds to a pile of files with different versions, it gets confusing and disorganised.


What were are looking for is to change the main question and then it would simultaneously change for all the course offering this question was copied to.


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