Bulk Export


Anyone have any experience bulk exporting d2l packages and trying to import them into another LMS? I am having trouble with the bulk export files not being recognizing on the import into the LMS. Anyone who has done this would be helpful to get some tips


  • Wendy.M.953
    Wendy.M.953 Posts: 2 🌱

    Which LMS are you importing into?

  • Robert.M.953
    Robert.M.953 Posts: 6 🌱

    Canvas. I have exported a course as a D2L package on the course level and it works fine when imported. But when the export files are created via the bulk export tool and are imported they are not recognized in Canvas. Thats my issue. I can't understand the difference between two .zip files

    Bulk exporting a large number of courses and giving the option for any of them to be imported into Canvas. Doing it course by course is not feasible as an export process.