Is it worthwhile to turn off the student view experience so matches faculty view?


Our student community is finding their view of the lesson content experience confusing. Faculty are not good about toggling to the student view when using Brightspace in class. We wonder if we should toggle our configuration variables so student view matches the faculty view. We are unsure of the implications and what would be lost if we did that. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  • Jennifer.D.933
    Jennifer.D.933 Posts: 1 🌱

    Having the same view is very helpful when troubleshooting issues or communicating about the same course element synchronously! I am a big user of grade descriptions too and I cannot see them in faculty view.

    I am currently unaware of any implications, but hope someone will respond if we are both missing something.

  • Anthony.Rusinak9163

    I totally get it. We constantly have new instructors who have never used Brightspace before, so they may not realize that there is a clear difference from what they see to what the student sees. At the same time, it can be very helpful to have tips, tricks, and reminders posted on Brightspace Instructor View for those new instructors as a guide. During pre-term prep, we often post a checklist for admin & instructors in the announcements area of each course. This is hidden from students and instructors/admin are expected to "edit" this annoucement with checks & notes as the complete each task.

  • Jean-Marie.V.363
    Jean-Marie.V.363 Posts: 2 🌱

    @Anthony.Rusinak9163 - we have tried something similar but in the content area. Interesting to consider posting as a hidden announcement.