classlist paged could not get Username nor Email


{{BrightspaceDomain}}/d2l/api/le/{{leversion}}/6606/classlist/paged/ always return null on Username and Email, which seems to be a bug

Those two fields do have data in{{BrightspaceDomain}}/d2l/api/lp/{{lpversion}}/users/ return



  • Derik.P.149
    Derik.P.149 Posts: 16 🧭

    Documentation for the return object of the classlist API call: Enrollment.ClasslistUser:


    The back-end service can constrain the visibility of these properties through configuration of the Classlist tool. If these values are configured to be eligible to appear in the classlist for an org unit, then the API can return these values to the calling user (also assuming that the calling user’s role has permission to see those values)."

    Changing some config variables from their default "OFF" states seems like it would allow the API to provide the email and username fields from the classlist API call. Hope this solves your problem!