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 I am trying to make a “randomized” assignment, so students don't all get the same questions (similar to a question pool for a test, except for an assignment). What I have done is created 4 different documents to attach to the assignment instructions to give to the students to work on, however I only want each student to only see the one they need to be working on. Then I want them to each individually complete their specific assignment and attach a file with their answers to submit. What I was trying to do is create an assignment in Bb where it gives the student one of the four different versions of the assignment randomly, but I am not sure if this is even possible or how to do this?



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    Hi Shawn,


    Have you considered setting these assignments as Group restricted (Single member group)

    The groups can be self enrolled, so based on what group a student picks, he/ she gets the assignment for that group.


    A new group category may be created and dropox space may be set at the time of creation.


    Is this something that may help?