Is there any configuration where I can keep courses on Discover even after the user has...

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Is there any configuration where I can keep courses on Discover even after the user has registered for the course?

The idea is that the student will be able to access the page and see all courses published in Discover (the ones he is enrolled in, and the ones he can enroll).

Some of the students have difficulty with technology, and others access by cell phone, so just by clicking on Discover they would see all the courses offered.



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    There isn't currently a way to show courses a learner is already enrolled in from the main Discover page. The learner can click on Browse all Content and sort by Already Enrolled to see this list. Or the learner can just click on the course selector (waffle icon in the navbar) to see a list of all their enrollments (including those that they were enrolled in outside of Discover). If you want to make sure that it is really easy for learners to see their enrollments as soon as they log in, you may want to add the MyCourses widget to the top left corner of your organization homepage. This location will ensure that learners using a mobile device see the list right away.

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    Sorry my comment does not answer the above question. But I need to put this learning somewhere. I just learned by extensive searching that there is a checkmark button in Course Admin/Course Offering Info that must be checked to allow learners to see a course in "Discover". Didn't find this in any video, but only by trial and error searching around.