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Enable External Tool Submission

Michael.C.569 Posts: 8 🔍

I got Google Assignments configured finally but now I need the ability for students to submit their Google Docs directly using the External Tool Sumbission option that I've see on YouTube Videos.


  • Heba.A.271

    Thank you for reaching out Mcorey, if you are looking for the External tool Submission , the language term for the Submission type has been changed in here from

    • On paper submission --> external tool submission
    • Observed in person --> In-person/on-paper submission

  • Michael.C.569
    Michael.C.569 Posts: 8 🔍

    So the YouTube video I'm referencing in the screenshot is dated and the "External Tool submission" is now "On Paper Submission"?

  • Rusha.S.831
    Rusha.S.831 Posts: 105

    Hello @mcorey_actonschool,

    I believe the language term for the 'External tool submission' is changed via the Language Management in the video you are referring. The default value for this option is 'On paper submission'

    If you would like to apply the same changes, the term that affects this is,

    • Term Name: optSubmissionTypeOnPaper
    • Default Value: On paper submission

    I hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,


  • Colby.F.109
    Colby.F.109 Posts: 2 🔍
    Can you tell me where to find this in the release notes? Thank you!