Delete Assignment from Grades

If I delete an assignment from Grades, will it vanish from Assignments? If I delete a Discussion from grades, will it vanish from Discussions? I have a few items I want to remove from Grades, but I don't want to delete them from the course accidentally.


  • Hello @rwoods16 - It will not disappear from Assignment. For best practice, set the Activity to "not in gradebook" before you delete the grade item from Grades. Good Luck!

  • Hi @rwoods16

    To my knowledge, deleting a grade item attached to the Assignment or Discussion from Grades doesn’t delete the actual Assignment or Discussion. If you have grade items that are associated to an assessment activity like an Assignment or Discussion, that grade item cannot be deleted from Grades until it is removed from the assessment it is linked too.

    Be mindful that deleting grade items includes deleting all associated grades, removal from calculations, and removal from other tool associations. Consider hiding the items instead. If deleting, be sure that these are the intended grade items and that there are no associated grades that are needed.