On the data set: Content User Completion, is Date Completed - the first date they completed content?

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Looking at the data set: Content User completion.

The information for the field Date Completed is as follows:


Date content was completed (UTC).

Field can be null.


Does this mean that once this is populated with a date it remains static, and doesn't get overwritten if the user revists the content at a later date?
And instead revists get recorded in Content User Progress Data set under
LastVisted And NumRealVisits

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Dan.S.84
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    Hi @Christina.Tidy2394 You are correct. In the Content User Completion dataset the DateCompleted is the first time the learner visited/completed the topic, that is static. In the Content User Progress dataset, you'll notice there is a field for DateCompleted also, but it's not used…if learner revisits the content later, it is recorded in the LastVisited column. Hope this helps. Dan


  • Olly.F.893

    I'm not 100%, but I have had a delve into a dataset like this. I think the final column in Content User Completion, which is Last Modified, will contain the timestamp for the most recent completion of the content topic by that user.

    I've just tested this by logging in as a particular user and completing a topic. Tomorrow I'll be able to see if that column has behaved how I think.

    I'm not sure whether the content completion must exclusively result in a 'real visit'. A 'fake visit' is one where the user exits the browser or times out before clicking to something else (i.e. they did still visit the page). That's another thing that would be worth checking.

  • Christina.T.727
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    @Dan Sem885 - Thank you! Great news; this is what we were hoping but just wanted to guarantee it before we based on engagement policies and re-engagement policies on this.