Cropping image function

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I have an issue cropping images within Brightspace. It starts zoomed in very closely to the image, and I am unable to zoom out so I can crop the image i.e. the zoom out button doesn't work. Has anyone had this issue or can identify why this is happening to me? Thanks


  • Julie.L.787
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    Hi @Kieran.Simmons9020 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Brightspace Community. In order to be able to recommend the best support path, can I ask where the images are that you are attempting to crop?

  • K.S.924
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    Thanks Julie.

    They are within the file path: /content/enforced/coursename.

  • K.S.924
    K.S.924 Posts: 4 🌱

    Hi @Julie Low558 , is this sufficient information to know what support path to direct me down? Or better yet, answer my question.

    The images I am trying to crop are ones I have already uploaded to Brightspace. They are sitting on a course page and my goal is to use the cropping tool to trim part of the image.


  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Kieran,
    To ensure you are using a supported browser best to do a System Check.
    This can be accessed by appending the following to your brightspace URL /d2l/systemCheck e.g. "https://your_brightspace_url/d2l/systemCheck"
    If you get any fails in the System Check, the issue may be related to the browser you are using.
    Tty accessing Brightspace using a different browser (repeat the System Check) and try cropping the images?
    If you are using a supported browser, and are still experiencing the issue please reach out to the D2L Support team with the course offering information: a link to the course; or Org Unit Id; or Course offering code.
    In addition to this provide the location and name of the image being edited in the course offering.
    Hope this helps!