Create award conditional release that ignores optional content

Wanda.B.947 Posts: 5 🌱

I have several courses with a lot of content that must be completed before the award is released. But, a few content items do not need to be completed - I've marked these in the content as "optional."

It seems that if I don't want to include the few optional bits of content in the release conditions, I have to do the manual/tedious job of creating a condition for each content item. Is there a way around this to use the "all visited content," so I don't have to list all the content items but still skip the optional content?

I've already tested (on a smaller scale) with some content marked as "optional" - however it looks like the release condition isn't triggered unless I open this "optional" content as well - making the concept of "optional" moot.

I have 17 courses, ranging from around 20 - 120 content pages… so, I'm hoping that I don't have to manually add each content topic in order to satisfy the release conditions. Any suggestions are appreciated!!


  • Olly.F.893

    I had a quick check, and I couldn't find a way to do that. It sounds like what you want is a release condition that says 'visited all required topics'.

    I had a search of the Product Idea Exchange and saw that you've put one in there, so if anyone else reads this and thinks it's a great idea, go to the PIE and search for D10235.