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Kia ora,

We had two release conditions for our award. We removed one, hoping that the date would change. For example, we initaly had two release conditions. One being completing the assessment and the other being completing the evaluation survey. We noticed that although some oparticapnts completed the assessment and passed, they would log out and the next day complete the survey. We then realised we hope to not have the date of when the evalution was completed in the award. So, we removed that release condition in the award. However, for all those who have already received an award. The cerificate generated is still showing the two release conditions. Can these be updated? See image below. This award was generated with the two release conditions. After removing one of the release conditions, the certifate was not updated.



  • David.G.850

    Hello Tatiana,

    The Awards tool and badges/certificates are designed to display the criteria that was met when the award was earned. This means that for any of the participants who received the award when you had two release conditions active, these will continue to display on the certificate. However, one way you could alleviate this would be to revoke those certificates from those who received them before you removed the 2nd condition, and then re-issue them in bulk. This will change the date and time that the badge or certificate was issued, but the data for course access and quiz completion will remain unchanged.

    Please let me know if this helps