IPSIS Sections Association/ Course Merges

The process for merging courses at my college has always been to select “Create a New Course Offering” rather than using one of the other courses as a parent course. Can anyone shed light on why we would need to create the new course offering instead of just using one of the merging courses as the parent course?


  • Hello @woodburym

    In many cases whether the option to create a new course offering or use an existing offering when completing a course merge is selected comes down to admin preference. There are a few specific reasons when you may choose one or the other though. If there is already course materials in one of the course offerings prior to the course merge, you would want to use the existing offering option and select the course with the existing materials as the parent so the existing materials are maintained. If a previous merge has already occured and you are adding additional sections to the merging, you would also want to use the use existing offering option. If there is a need to have a new org unit code and org unit name for the course offering parent you would use the create a new course offering option. Hopefully this information helps as you are making these decisions.