On this new Brightspace Community, there needs to be a Share button to share the initial post.

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I need a better way to share posts on this community.

For example when I Ask a Question and get a response. I get an email with a link/button to see the response that brings me right to the comment. This is a good feature.

However, if I copy the URL while reading the new comment it gives me a URL with a direct link to the last comment and not at the begining where the post is for my reader to read from the top down.


I have to go into my profile, click on My Discussions or Bookmarks, find the post, copy the URL and then remove “#latest” so my reader can see the initial question asked to start from the top.


There is no share button that I can see on the initial post. Here is a screenshot:

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    Hey @nichole.gladky3425,

    Thanks for providing your feedback here in the Brightspace Community.

    Pro tip:

    You can click the time/ date under the profile picture for the Original Poster to refresh the URL link to be able to share a particular disucssion thread at the top.

    Currently we are aware that our links default to #latest for when you click into the discussion.

    • Our Vendor is aware of this. The #latest takes a user to the latest post they have read in the thread and is unique to the Community Members progress in reading a particular discussion thread.
    • Thus - if you are sharing a discussion thread with a user who has never read the particular discussion, their #latest url would take them to the top of a thread.

    We are continuing to connect your feedback with our Community vendor to better serve your requirements and enhance your community experience.